Common Dental Problems Among Children

Children are more prone to dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities. This can be because of many factors. With parent’s guidance, like instilling basic dental care, some of these issues can be prevented. But having a family dentist, can be the best solution to any dental issue that may affect your children.

Finding the right Newnham Dentist for you and your kids may be overwhelming. You have to consider many factors. However, if you are able to find one, you can be assured of quality dental services for your entire family.

Young kids need to go to the dentist as early as possible. This will ascertain the condition of their teeth. It will also eliminate dentist anxiety which is common even among adults. If your child is not afraid of a dentist, these common dental problems affecting children can be addressed optimally.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common dental problem in children. In the US, 20% of kids aging five to eleven have some sorts of cavities. If this is not fixed, it can lead to pain and infection. Your child can also miss school and have difficulty participating in many activities.

In cases of tooth decay, preventative dentistry is the best solution. Plaques and tartar are removed through dental sealants and fluoride.

Sensitive Teeth

Children can also suffer from sensitive teeth. This happens upon drinking or eating ice-cold or warm drinks or food. Teeth sensitivity can be caused by brushing too hard, injury to the tooth, and cavities. When the root is exposed, pain is felt. The dentist can repair the tooth by applying sealants can be the best solution.

Damage or Loose Tooth

Baby teeth will soon fall naturally. But when a baby tooth falls because of other reasons, it should need the attention of a pediatric dentist. With a family dentist, you can be assured that baby teeth are protected. If they fall before their normal span, overcrowding can be one of the results.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is common among children who does not brush their teeth regularly. This is because there will be a steady buildup of plaque in between the teeth and gums. When this happens, the bone where the teeth is connected can be infected leading to gum disease and tooth loss.

Most dental issues can be prevented through preventative dentistry. This should be the reason to look for a family dentist who is naturally fond of kids. It is very helpful to have a dentist with whom your kids are comfortable with.