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Must Dos When Using a Fire Extinguisher

If you think it is but like spraying a fire extinguisher into a fire and you can kill it, you are definitely wrong. There’s a lot to learn before you should use a fire extinguisher.

The inception of the smoke detector has truly helped a lot in controlling fire whether in establishments or homes. Its alarm helps people know at once that fire is about to start. There and then, you can use your fire extinguisher to kill or suppress the fire before firefighters from the fire departments arrive.

While on that situation, it is best to make sure that someone is calling the fire station and make sure that help is coming. You will never know if you can successfully contain the fire or it will spread rapidly. Here are some tips that should help you use the fire extinguisher efficiently.

Know to Operate a Fire Extinguisher Properly

Portable fire extinguishers are prominently displayed in halls of buildings. They are also advised to be kept in conspicuous places in homes. This way, you can get hold of them immediately when there is a sign of fire. But have you ever held and use a fire extinguisher in your whole life? While you are the first to see smoke, will you break the glass containing the fire extinguisher and aim it toward the fire while it is only starting? Undoubtedly, if you have not held and used a fire extinguisher before, you may not even touch it.

After buying a fire extinguisher, it is best to know to go to the city fire department and learn how to handle a fire extinguisher. Also, educate older members of the household.

Make a Home Fire Evacuation Plan

A good home fire evacuation plan means that architectural components, technology, and sequences of actions are in place. Fire exits, as well as, fire detector should have been installed. In your home evacuation plan, make sure that everybody should have left your home before attempting to fight the fire with your fire extinguisher. Make someone call the fire department to ensure that help is coming.

Know When to Back Off

Always ensure that you have a safe exit before confronting the fire. You know you can successfully suppress the fire if it is contained in in one area only. But if the fire is spreading rapidly and the smoke is getting thicker, better back off. Your life is irreplaceable. In contrast, you can always build a new home.


Use the Right Fire Extinguisher

Fires differ according to the cause. Each kind of fire, there is a right fire extinguisher for it. Of course, you won’t use a fire-based fire extinguisher on an electric fire, or else you will be electric shocked. It is basic that when you learn how to handle a fire extinguisher, you will also be taught the different types and the kinds of fires that they should be used for. A wrong fire extinguisher can make matters worse and it will be more dangerous for properties and persons alike.