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What is the best survival gear?


Time and again, the human race has been grappling with the term, ‘survival.’ Let alone the action itself. The sound of it just makes us want to cringe in panic. As nature would have it, we are never aware of how much damage it can do to us mentally. This is the sad truth for all who aren’t prepared for the survivors’ series that awaits us. As fate would have it, a good number of us end up being victims of the survival horror. On the bright side, it can’t be that hard if we just open our eyes and treat it as we should. Not as some sort of a sworn enemy. Survival is meant to sharpen us both inside and out. Without it,we wouldn’t even know where our strength lies.

The best survival gear

survival gearLucky for us we have survival gears to back us up when things get tough. However, most of us are still in the dark about whether it exists or not The good news is that it does. As a matter of fact, we have been on the receiving end for the longest time. It’s high time we proved to the entire human race that we are well able. The question on most of our minds is, ‘what is the best survival gear?’ The truth of the matter is that there is no best survival gear. It all depends on our capability to use what we have If we choose food gear and it happens to come in when we need it, it emerges the best. The same case applies to the rest of the gears we are aware of.

Our level of preparedness matters a great deal

How we survive on this planet depends on how prepared we are There is so much we can learn from creatures such as squirrels and ants. They love to be prepared for every season they encounter in their lives. For instance, when the winter season comes, they reap from the preparations they made. The same case applies to all the other seasons. We are better placed as humans. This is because everything else seems to work in our favor. Seeing that our brain capacities are the most advanced, let’s take advantage of it.
We can’t stop it. However, much we wish we could swap places or put an end to the occasional struggles; we can’t. This is why it’s call survival for the fittest. We just have to brave the hardships by putting our survival gears together.

The tough reality is that we are not in the position to command how smoothly our ride should be, For instance, it’s only common sense to pack some water when the temperatures are high. Being in our full senses, we know that walking in the hot sun will cause us to be dehydrated.

2 people walking with survival gear

Taking care of our survival gears

When we prepare our gears but happen not to use them, we store them. This is definitely the wisest way to go about it We may not realize it but things could get tougher next time The best we can do is to store them up for the forthcoming days.