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Guide to Buying a Weighted Blanket

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Buying a weighted comforter can be a bit challenging because of the many considerations that you have to make. Getting the right one is important as it determines the extent of the benefits that you can get from it. Some guidelines for queen size weighted blankets to consider when choosing a weighted blanket are highlighted below.

Weight of the Comforter

The density of the comforters is one of the top factors that you have to consider when choosing. The weight determines the amount of pressure that the bedding is going to exert on you. It should be heavy enough to provide all the benefits that it offers, but not too much that it becomes harmful to health. Ideally, the right weight should be about 10 to 15 % of your body weight. The weight should also be distributed evenly on the comforter.


The size of the comforter is another essential factor to consider. Your choice should depend on factors such as the size of your bed, your body size, height, and your personal preferences. Something to keep in mind is that the bigger the weighted comforter is, the heavier it is going to be.


The price of the weighted comforter also matters. Ideally, you should aim at getting the highest value for money rather than going for the lowest price. For that, you need to factor in the quality of the weighted comforter. Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more durable the comforter is going to be. Higher quality is probably also going to look a lot more appealing to the eyes. Alongside quality, you can consider things such as the material used and the color of the weighted comforter.

Filler Material

There are various types of materials that can be used as fillers to increase the weight of the comforter. Examples include plastic pellets and glass beads, which are the most popular. The quality of the filler material also matters. Foam bids, for example, might appear attractive at first sight but flattens with time.

Fabric Cover

It is also essential that you choose the best fabric material possible. That is because the fabric determines the comfort that you will enjoy while sleeping. The fabric also determines the temperature regulation of the weighted comforter. The most popular options include cotton, quilt, and flannel. When considering material, factor in maintenance as well. The material should also be hypoallergenic.